Sakura Offspring Special

Sakura Showa

In 2007, Sakura was crowned the Grand Champion of the 38th All Japan Koi Show in Tokyo, Japan. Typical of Dainichi Showa, Sakura possesses a deep contrast between its hi (red colored markings) and sumi (black markings) over its shiroji (white ground color). This would capture the attention and awe of anyone who sees her.

Sakura's Offspring

In this special auction, Kodama Koi Farm is proud to present 13 of Sakura's 3 year old offspring for you to bid on. These koi range from 44 cm to 58 cm (17.3" to 22.8") and were born in 2010.

Dainichi Showa

Japanese nishikigoi originated in the paddy fields of Dainichi Koi Farm in the mid 1900's. They were the first to produce a large and beautiful championship Showa. Many well known Showa breeders used the Dainichi Showa bloodlines to start their own Showa production.

Dainichi koi are known for their many top-quality features such as their thick hi (red pattern), and shiroji (white background) quality. As the Dainichi Showa grows to larger sizes, the beauty of its body conformation and fukurin (cuticle of skin which appears as a line drawn in a ring around a scale) will become apparent. (reference, "Koishi" by Mamoru Kodama. Get your copy!)

You will be a proud owner of your Dainichi Sakura Showa!

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