Our koi auction policy is that you make full payment on all won koi, within 6 business days, to confirm and start processing your order. You are expected to make payment within 3 days of the auction end, regardless of waiting to buy or bid on other koi on the website.

IMPORTANT: If you do not make payment within 6 business days of the auction ending, your order will be flagged for further escalation, which can include warnings from customer service, a 20% restocking charge, or freezing your user account. Repeat offenders may be banned from purchasing koi on https://kodamakoifarm.com/.

This auction policy is created to ensure our website remains the most trusted location for buying koi online. Thank you for your efforts to make payment.

Please communicate immediately with issues making payment after auctions end. In the case of cancellation needing to be accepted, a 20% cancellation fee must be paid. It is at JKO’s discretion if we accept the cancellation.

Once your order is prepared, we will send you a shipping invoice a few days prior to your selected shipping date. If you would like to add additional koi to your order, please contact us for review/adjustment of your shipping plans.

We do not accept returns for koi, all koi sales are final.

Make payments by visiting my auction activity and adding koi to your shopping cart for checkout.

You can also save your credit card in my account for easy checkouts in the future. 

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