As the saying goes, “You are what you eat”. Just as this applies to humans, it also applies to koi!

With an improper diet, maintaining good health becomes difficult. Although a poor diet will not kill a Koi right away, it will affect the Koi’s health over time.

The malnourishment can lead to illness or even death.

Feed your koi as much as they can eat. Start with a handful and see how much food is eaten.

If after eating all the food, the koi still come up for food, go ahead and feed them more.

If there are still food floating, scoop waste with a net and wait a few hours before feeding again.

You may train your koi to eat on a schedule, like your own daily meal planning. Be aware that the more you feed, the more they will grow and produce waste.


  • Make sure to have a filter strong enough or preform water changes to accommodate.


Automatic feeders will also help with regular feeding schedules. You may purchase feeders from our Kodama Koi Supply site.

Koi will actively eat up to temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit before their appetite may become stagnant.

During colder seasons, you may still feed easily digestable food like our Manda Fu.


Read more in our how to feed koi guide.


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