Clean Hi Utsuri is hard to get

Hi Utsuri ‚Äď koi #s0616t011

Just like Omosako Koi Farm is the master of Shiro Utsuri, Shinoda Koi Farm is the master of Hi Utsuri. No breeder can come even close to his line.

His Hi Utsuri can grow with a massive body. When you walk into his greenhouse in fall, you would be astonished with a group of massive Hi Utsuri swimming around in one of his big pond. You would be afraid of getting bitten if you should fall in the pond ūüôā¬†

Hi Utsuri of this week is a young one with full of potential. Most importantly, her body is good. Her head is wide. The shoulder is strong. The tail is thick. She is going to grow big. Sumi (black) patterns may not be a lot, but they exist in important areas like head, shoulder and the tial. Although sumi are less, these less sumi rather enhances the quality of beni (red). The clean red body is the strongest point of this Koi in my opinion. In many cases, you will see tiny black speckles around the Sumi pattern on the red skin. These speckles are called shimi.

It is a part of the inevitable characteristics of this variety. But of course, the less the better. When you take a close look at this Hi Utsuri, you will be amazed how clean her skin is. That alone is a lot of value to this Koi. 
If you have not had a Hi Utsuri from Shinoda Koi Farm, you are missing an important part of your Koi pond. This Hi Utsuri is definitely worth your consideration.
Please own, grow and enjoy her in your pond.

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