ID: 122082
Current Price: $360
Top Bidder: DMF432 
Number of Unique Bids:
Bid Expire Date: 2017-06-24 18:02:00
Time Left: closed
Sex: Male
Born in: 2016
Size: 32.00 cm
(12.6 in)
Estimated Value: $1,000
Dainichi Koi Farm

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It is Exciting to Anticipate the Finished Appearance and Maturing of this Showas Sumi!

There is a bright future ahead for this baby Showa! Its appearance is unfinished and not matured just now.

You can easily recognize its resemblance to an actual bolt of lightning design even at this tender age. We can anticipate that its red coloring will become richer from this time forward.

There are many Shiite Zumi (Sumi beneath) under the grayish white skin at every point.
The grayish part of the white skin will turn into pure white, when those Shita Zumi completely emerge with its growth. You can see this Koi includes much Sumi under the white skin.

When all the Sumi emerges and matures, the fascinating Sumi pattern will reveal itself on this Showa adding power and strength to the kois appearance.

This Koi will reveal the powerful charms of a Showa---changing its early beginning Sumi to the Boldness of Adult Sumi! The perfect appearance of Sumi will make this Koi imposing because this is from the celebrated Showa bleeder Dainichi Koi Farm!

raise it with careful attention---just as you would care for any baby!

The most important thing...The size of jumbo Tosai(this Koi is still 32cm in length) is 2 times to compare with the normal Tosai. Thus, since the time of Tosai, it has been the great possibility.

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