ID: 122989
Current Price: $170
Buy It Now: $350
Top Bidder: chisai 
Number of Unique Bids:
Bid Expire Date: 2017-07-22 18:04:00
Time Left: closed
Sex: Unknown
Born in: 2016
Size: 27.50 cm
(10.8 in)
Estimated Value: $500
Dainichi Koi Farm

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This Special Design is going to add to the Beauty with time...Please Reflect, Study, and Appreciate its Commanding Presence!

The arrangement of the alternating Hi and Sumi gives this design its charisma.
Its design elevates this baby Showa to the upper most class.

The developing Sumi of this Showa is so attractive and unique.

These glistening Sumi are strong in dense black.
As the Sumi matures on its back & trunk more and more... this Showa will only begin to reveal its true value and status.

The cinnabar red Hi plates have a gorgeous arrangement with grossy Sumi pattern. Its Sumi coils itself around the body emerging dynamically.
When this Showa has completed in maturing to adulthood, the vivid contrast of Hi & Sumi will make a lavish harmony together. As we look to the future, we anticipate its growth, becoming thicker and maturing to a ripe fullness.

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