Type:Ginrin Shiro Utsuri
ID: 125850
Current Price: $200
Buy It Now: $560
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Bid Expire Date: 2017-10-14 18:04:00
Time Left: closed
Sex: Unknown
Born in: 2015
Size: 29.50 cm
(11.6 in)
Estimated Value: $800
Omosako Koi Farm

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Certificate of breeding available on request for $15.

Black, White and Diamond Ginrin will make a Gorgeous Statement.

A bold but precise pattern is going to be drawn over its whole body. The monochromatic molding beauty with White and Black pattern is definitely decorated on its body. You can see how the lacquer black Sumi on its body has already begun its strong appearance.

There are some Shita Zumi (Sumi beneath) under the white skin of its face...we earnestly hope to see its full emergence shortly, and this Hachiware will give this koi a glorious expression.

The large Sumi design of the body introduces the stunning quality from Omosako.

Its white skin is neat & clean. It makes such a vivid contrast with its Sumi pattern, and its quality supports the heavy brightness of the large amount of Diamond Ginrin.

Please appreciate the Sparkling Monochromatic Beauty of this Koi as its age. This Koi is an awesome sight as it glides through your pond!
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