Type:Ginrin Shiro Utsuri
ID: 125855
Current Price: $160
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Bid Expire Date: 2017-10-14 18:09:00
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Sex: Unknown
Born in: 2015
Size: 28.00 cm
(11.0 in)
Estimated Value: $500
Omosako Koi Farm

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Certificate of breeding available on request for $15.

This Young Koi is in the Works! Developing Sumi and Patience Pay Off Big!

Omosako koi farm became the first breeder ever to produce a Shiro Utsuri over 40 inches in size. Their koi have won the award several times at the All Japan koi show.

One of the characteristics of Omosako's Shiro Utsuri, is its Sumi that you can predict will always appear. In general, Shiro Utsuri has shita-zumi (sumi underneath the skin) and it looks gray when they are young.
Omosako's Shiro Utsuri will have this shita-zumi appearing clearly and will be evident as it grows.

This Koi's Sumi is the middled stage of its development. You see much Sashi Zumi on the edge of those Sumi. This is the evident of the future full bodyed black coloration.
Its bold but delicate design on the genuine white skin is the great appeal point of this Koi.

Under the proper conditions (low water temperature and the clean water) , you can have confidence that those undeveloped Sumi will complete to the full-bodied black.

The dazzling Ginrin adds a sparkling charm to it. From any point of view, the body catches our eye with its pretty sparkle. It raises the status of this Koi. Its dazzling brightness depends on its neat & clean white skin.

We have good reason to expect that this promising young Koi---When it grows to around 3 or 4 years old, its physical presence will showcase its quality & design!

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