Type:Ginrin Shiro Utsuri
ID: 125858
Current Price: $120
Buy It Now: $280
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Bid Expire Date: 2017-10-14 18:12:00
Time Left: closed
Sex: Male
Born in: 2015
Size: 34.00 cm
(13.4 in)
Estimated Value: $400
Omosako Koi Farm

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Certificate of breeding available on request for $15.

The progressive Sumi and crisp white skin provide a glimpse of its Future Appeal!

This Tategoi Shiro Utsuri is going to have a stunning pattern. As you can see here, the Sumi is gradually maturing to the appropriate checkered pattern. It will increase the sophisticated impression.

Now every Sumi has not definitely finished yet.Sumi on the tip of the mouth show the venerated Omosako quality.
We are anticipating how great this Koi will look after the Shita Zumi (Sumi beneath) have finished their development in strong dense black. These changes can be thrilling to watch.

The pure white skin flourished not only by its natural quality but also by the skills of the person raising the Koi. Water quality and food are important parts of the skill in keeping white skin from losing quality. Then it will be pure white from now on.

The diamond Ginrin appeals to our eyes with its dazzling brightness. It is always heavily & gorgeously glittering and continues shining all the time.
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