ID: 127445
Current Price: $180
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Bid Expire Date: 2017-12-09 18:17:00
Time Left: closed
Sex: Male
Born in: 2015
Size: 40.00 cm
(15.7 in)
Estimated Value: $600
Dainichi Koi Farm

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Certificate of breeding available on request for $15.

This Dainichi Kohaku has big possibilities.

Its bold single Hi plate is energetically displayed fair & vividly over its entire body.
It draws a superior Makisagari (wrapping down) to both bellies. It will bring on a serious stability and a fine exterior with its substantial growth.

Its Hi plate seems as if it is cutting into the white skin sharply. All Hi Kiwa is exact (the razor cut Kiwa) and it shows the thickness of the Hi layer.
The vivid scarlet and sleek baby white skin will have been standing out on its promising body conformation. Show quality Hi and white skin patronize each other.

When it becomes more than 30 inches. It will introduce the more dignified and grand figure.
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