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Sex: Male
Born in: 2016
Size: 39.00 cm
(15.4 in)
Estimated Value: $600
Dainichi Koi Farm

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Certificate of breeding available on request for $15.

Progressive Sumi pattern--You can watch the completion of All Sumi with Dainichi Quality.

This yearling Dainichi Showa possesses a lot of elements as a Tategoi, so there is much expectation as to how it will change.

The stepped Hi pattern is impressive and supports the potential excellence of its progressive Sumi pattern.
The uniform scarlet is a good characteristic of this Koi. Its most striking feature is Hi plate on her forehead, and the pattern that follows
Its pale-complexioned skin truly enhances this cheery design quite well.

The placement of Hi & Sumi will be so good that they will creat a specific diagram on its promising body.

Now this yearling Showa has such an interesting & tasteful Sumi pattern, how will this Sumi pattern mature in the future? Its development & change is the great pleasure to breed this Showa.

There is much Kage Zumi (Shadow Sumi) on the body and the trunk. As they fuse we will see the completion of a very attractive but powerful Sumi pattern.

Now you can envision the interesting future figure of this Showa.

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