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Nishikigoi Kodama Koi Class Variety Article Link Koi event



It was about 200 years ago when Nishikigoi appeared.

From the process to cultivate edible black food carp, some food carp was born with colors by mutation. By crossing these carp breeders have finally developed the present Nishikigoi.

Nishikigoi is now called "living jewel" "Kokugyo" and "king of ornamental fish." Nishikigoi represents Japanese culture. It is also loved and appreciated by the name of "Koi" all over the world.

There are various charms of Koi. The first charm is that it is easy to raise Koi. A big pond is not necessarily requirement to keep Koi. Some enjoy Koi in small few hundred gallon tank or even in an aquarium. In addition, unlike other animals, it is all right even if we do not feed them for a week or so.

Rich in variety is probably its next charm. There are more than 80 varieties in the same Nishikigoi spices. It is truly enjoyable to watch colorful Koi with red, white, black or gold swim elegantly in a pond.

Nishikigoi is also a very peaceful ornamental fish. Koi does not have a boss. They do not harm each other. It can eat food from your hands. It is really lovely when it grows in this way.

Last of all, the biggest charm lies in that Koi is "a growing beauty." No artwork will grow up. Koi becomes more beautiful as it grows big. There is pleasure of raising Nishikigoi here. It is relaxing to watch them swim in a pond or a tank.

It is not that difficult to keep Nishikigoi and they are also affordable. Please try to keep Nishikigoi. I am sure it will be such a pleasant experience!

  Nishikigoi Variety Article Link Koi event