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Welcome to the Help Desk.
New Users - Getting Started  
What is Koi Auction?
How does Koi Auction work?
Why buy at Koi Auction?
How do I register?
How do I register as a dealer?
What is your term of use?
Why can't I log in?
Auction & Bidding Info  
How do I bid?
How do know if I win?
What do I do after I win?
If I am the highest bidder, but I want to increase my max bid to assure my win---how do I do that?
What is Auction Extension?
You set NO reserve. Is this true?
Can I cancel my bid? I am no longer interested in the Koi.
Is Auction running throughout a year?
Koi Information  
How accurate is the sex information provided of the Koi?

My Page  
What is My Page?
How can I change my personal information?
What are the payment methods?
Do I pay tax?
Shipping & Returns  
How do you ship Koi to me?
When can you ship?
How much is the shipping?
Do you do Saturday delivery?
Do I have to be there when Koi is delivered?
Can I pick up the Koi at the closest FedEx station?
Can you hold my Koi while I bid on some more Koi?
Can you hold my Koi after the (10 days) holding period?
What is your guarantee?
What is your return policy?
Do you ship Koi to Canada?
Do you ship Koi to Mexico?
Do you ship Koi to any other countries?
I live in Hawaii. Can I pick up my Koi at your place instead of them being shipped?
Can you ship supplies with Koi?
Can you ship Koi by Air Cargo?
What is quarantine? / Why do I need to quarantine?
How to I quarantine?
Before you receive your Koi:
When you receive your Koi:
While you keep your Koi in quarantine tank:
I have not purchased Koi for more than a year; do I need to do anything else?
How does Kodama Koi Farm quarantine?
How does Kodama Koi Farmconduct Health Control of Koi?
Is your quarantine done before or after auctions close?
Koi Supplies  
What is Koi Supplies?
How do you ship?
How do I pay?
What is your return policy?
Can I visit Kodama Koi Farm?
*If you have further questions, please contact us by filling out the contact form