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Koi Supply

Koishi - Koi Breeders

by Mamoru Kodama

Koishi is written in an interview style by Mr. Kodama. Kodama personally visited each of these breeders in Niigata, Japan over a period of 20 years to gather this information.

The topics covered in each interview include:

  • The history of the Koi farm
  • The policies of the breeder
  • The methods and practices of the breeders
  • The size of their operations
  • The best time to visit them
  • The most important points to remember when you purchase their Koi
  • The description of their koi

This book is a must have for every Koi library. Read the reviews below to find out what readers are saying.

Koishi $65.00  


"This book is an indispensable addition for any serious koi keeper's library. ...The title 'Koishi' is spot on. Koi Teacher."

- Bob Winkler, AKCA Certified Koi Judge

"Koi produced by the various farms are skillfully analyzed to better define what is unique about their characteristics."

- Dick Benbow, 30 Year Koi Hobbyist

"I would highly recommend reading this book."

- Mark Bodycott, USA Koi www.usakoi.com

Other books by Mamoru Kodama
Kokugyo Vol. 1, Kokugyo Vol. 2



Upon request, Mr. Mamoru Kodama will sign your books before shipping.

koishi sample 1

Koishi sample 2

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Books by Mamoru Kodama

Koishi  |  Kokugyo 1  |  Kokugyo 2