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Niigata Water Bio

New Water Bio is a group of water purification bacteria. One tablet contains about 20 billion bacteria and the bacterias' food. The tablet dissolves upon contact with water while multiplying the bacteria many times over dissolving Koi waste, leftover food, and so on.

The bacteria found in New Water Bio can live in water temperatures as low as 41F degrees (5c degrees).

20 pieces $60.00
60 pieces $162.00
100 pieces $250.00

Bio tablet that cleanses water

Niigata Water Bio is a microbial agent that keeps water in good condition by decomposing pollutants associated with foods and feces rapidly.

Because of the nutrients added to its highly active microorganisms, the water purifying microorganisms multiply to help filtration as soon as it is dissolved in the water. This bacteria is active even in the cool season, not like other microorganisms. Therefore, you can use them year around.

For the first week, use 1 tablet per 250 gallons of water. Dissolve the tablet in a cup or bucket of water, and let it sit for few hours before adding to the pond for best results.

Depending on the condition of your filter system, the water might turn cloudy for a while. That is because the bacterial colony is floating in water instead of adhering to the filter system. As soon as the bacterial colony adheres to the filter system, the water will become clear. The cloudy water condition is not harmful to fish at all.

For best results, use Niigata Water Bio regularly for best results. Repeating this treatment once a month at a rate of 1 tablet per up to 2500 gallons is recommended. It is okay to use one tablet for smaller ponds. However, do not smash the tablet and throw it into the pond since that would make the ingredients small enough for the koi to eat. It is best to dissolve the tablet in a bucket of water before pouring it into the pond.


New Water Bio

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