Taisho Sanke

 Taisho Sanke – koi #s0722t001

High quality Sanke with Tsubo zumi


Koi of this week is a beautiful Taisho Sanke from Takigawa Koi Farm.  Unlike Showa, Sanke have less sumi (black) patches to balance with Kohaku pattern.

So, locations of sumi could elevate the beauty of Koi or ruin the beauty.

This Takigawa snake is a great example of successful harmony of sumi and hi. .

Looking at her, you can tell she has a powerful three step Kohaku pattern.

The second hi (red) plate is heavy on one side, but the 2 small hi plates on the other side anchor the balance.

And sumi are beautifully placed on this high quality Kohaku body. 

First of all, please look at the sumi on the shoulder. Large and quality sumi patches emerge on the wide open shiroji (white ground).

Please imagine when these sumi finish. It will hold your attention right away and make you speechless.

This area will become the highlight of this Koi. Sumi on the tail joint do the same and keep balance with the sumi on the shoulder.

These Sumi at critical locations to form the beauty are called “Tsubo zumi” in Koi language.  

I would also like you to look at sumi on the pec fins. Sumi there are as if you drew the bold and thick lines by pen.

This is a good example of quality sumi pattern on Sanke’s pec fins. If there are more, it looks too busy and ruins the beauty of this Koi.

These are just enough for this Koi.

She is only 3 years old and has a lot more future to come. 

Please enjoy this show winning potential beauty in your pond.

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Sex: Female
Born in: 2017
Size: 22.83 inch

Taisho Sanke – koi #s0722t001


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