2021 Black Friday Auction

Take Advantage of Our Biggest Koi Sales of the Year!


Buy a new beauty for your pond this week with our great savings on auction koi for sale online. Read to learn more!

$500 start price Koi

$300 start price Koi

$100 start price Koi

High-Quality Large Koi !  All Black Friday Auctions Starts At 6PM And Ends At 3PM Hawaii Time


11/17 to 11/21,    11/21 to 11/24,    11/24 to 11/28

Note: Pacific Time Starts at 8:00PM Ends at 5:00PM
Eastern Time Starts at 11:00PM Ends at 8:00PM


Start the bidding on this auction! May you find the perfect mate for your pond.
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