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Isa Koi Farm is well known as one of the world's top gosanke (kohaku, sanke, showa) breeders. Mr. Hajime Isa, along with his son, Mitsunori have koi breeding down to a science.

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Award Winning Koi From ISA Koi Farm

All Japan Koi Show Superior Champion
47th All Japan Koi Show Male Mature Champion
Nogyosai Koi Show The 50th (2010) Overall First Prize
The 34th All Japan Young Koi Show Mature Champion
Mitsunori Isa

Isa Koi Farm is well known as one of the world's top Showa and  Kohaku breeders with many koi show awards to prove it. Mr. Isa has koi breeding down to a science.

Mamoru Kodama (founder of Kodama Koi Farm) visits Isa Koi Farm each year. He notes, “One thing that is constantly reinforced by Mr. Isa is how important their mud pond soil is”.

Mr. Isa explains, “Koi have an innate talent passed from their parents. It is nothing but (good) soil that will bring out the talent. Of course, various skills of breeders are important; but soil has a larger influence than that. For example, even if we breed with thoroughbred parents, if the soil quality is not good, we cannot breed high quality koi like the parents.” — Quote from Koishi book

Get your very own Isa koi and watch how it develops!

Isa Green House

Niigata Koi Mud pond

Mitsunori Isa , Isa staff and Taro Kodama

They are taking care of All Isa Koi
Inside Isa Koi Farm
Taking picture
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