Jumbo Tosai Auction

Jumbo Tosai Auction

Jumbo Tosai in this auction are the first Koi's born in 2021

Auction starts: 2022-06-20 4:00 pm

Auction ends: 2022-06-24 3:39 pm

*Note Start and End Times are Hawaii Standard Time.

Why Select Jumbo Tosai Koi for Sale?

A tosai koi is a koi that was born in the same fiscal year and thus is only 1 year old. This means Jumbo Koi is larger than a regular Koi.

When you buy a tosai koi, you are able to watch how big it grows in your pond!

The benefit of buying Jumbo Tosai lies in the potential of Koi. If Koi can grow much bigger than other average Tosai, it proves the Koi did receive DNA of growing big. So we can suspect the Koi will grow bigger and faster.

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We are now very happy to offer you our wide selection of genuine baby Jumbo Koi for sale. These koi are perfect for our upcoming 2nd Kodama Virtual Young Koi Show. Win Our Auction Below and Enter Your Koi in the Koi Show for just $5/ Koi, or We Can Enter Your Koi For You For $10 / Koi. You Could Win Great Prices and The Major winners will be published in Rinko Magazine!

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