New Years Free Entry Auction 2

Kodama New Years Koi Show Auction No. 2 Schedule!


Auction Starts: 2023-12-29 4:00 pm HST

Auction Ends: 2024-01-02 3:00 pm HST


New Year! New Koi! Looking for a new addition to your pond for the new year? Bid on our auction below and with an added bonus if you are the highest bidder you will receive a Free Virtual Koi Show Entry Fee for that koi to get a chance to win great prizes at our 4th Annual Kodama Virtual Koi Show.

Prestigious Koi Show Judges!

Have another koi you would like to register to up your chances of winning! Please register your koi here. Only be $5 dollars per koi that you want to enter. Major winners will even be published in Rinko Magazine, and the Japanese Koi magazine!! The goal of this koi show is to educate and promote the joys of koi keeping as a hobby. We hope to encourage your interest in learning great husbandry for keeping Japanese koi and to support efforts to create more koi masters.

Mitsunori ISA

Isa Koi Farm was founded by his father, Hajime Isa in 1971.

As the second generation Koi breeder, Mr. Mitsunori Isa is pushing the quality standard of Isa Koi Farm very high.

His company motto “Pursuit the one” says, he goal is to breed an ultimate beauty, in other words, grand champion title at All Japan Koi Show.

In 2013, he won grand champion with his Showa at All Niigata Koi Breeder Koi Show (Nogyosai).

In 2019, he won the same title again with his Kohaku at the same show. His passion for the ultimate beauty evolves his Koi every year.

Futoshi Mano

Losing his father young, he has worked so hard with his brothers to build the world renown Koi farm. 

In the Koi hobby, it is hard to find somebody who does not know the “Dainichi” name even if you are new. 

Dainichi Koi Farm has produced many grand champions in Japan as well as outside Japan. 

The grand champion Kohaku at the last All Japan Koi show is still very fresh in our memory. 

We are very honored to have

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