Omosako Shiroutsuri Auction



The Power of the Sumi, Omosako Shiroutsuri

We proudly present  20 stunning koi from Omosako Koi Farm.

The Shiro Utsuri koi variety is identified by a black (sumi) on white (shiroji) pattern. The OMOSAKO Koi Farm is undeniable the leader of Shiro Utsuri development.These jewels will add a unique sparkle to your pond!

Omosako Shiro Utsuri Growth Process

Grand Champion Beijin koi show 2010
All JAPAN KOI SHOW 2010-Best in Variety


All Japan Koi Show Sakura prize 2020

All Japan Airinkai International Koi Show
Best in variety-2020

30th All Japan Young Koi Show
Best in Variety

47th All Japan Koi Show 
Miyabi prize

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