Sakai Special Auction

Show Winner Potential! SAKAI FISH FARM

Sakai Fish farm is probably one of the most famous breeders in the world now.

Koi from this farm are known to grow very big and many of them are awarded top prizes.

Many times they have won including Grand champions at All Japan Nishikigoi Show.

Everyone in the koi hobby has heard of Sakai Fish Farm in Hiroshima, Japan. It is the biggest and most award-winning koi farm in the world. Due to high demand for its koi quality, their supply is always limited. Kodama Koi Farm is proud to offer 32 specially selected Sakai Koi

2017 All Japan Koi Show Grand Champion 97cm - 38 inch Sakai Kohaku

ZNA international Koi Show 85bu Champion 82cm - 32 inch Sakai Sanke

2011 All Japan Koi Show Grand Champion 90cm - 35 inch Sakai Kohaku

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