All Grown Up (from Isa vs. Oya)

They're back for an encore!

If you missed out on the "Isa vs. Oya" grow-out contest that finished recently, you can still buy the koi from that group. Now these are priced higher than the start of the contest because they increased in size and beauty from back in May (tip: join the next grow-out contest early to save 😉).

Although they did not compete, many of these turned out gorgeous as you'd expect from Isa's and Oya's koi; and you'll most definitely want to give these a second look.

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Isa Koi Farm is among the top koi breeders in the world, and their Showa have won many awards in koi shows through the years. Can't go wrong with picking a special koi from Isa.

The koi from famous Oya Koi Farm have won numerous titles at the All Japan Nishikigoi Show. That speaks for the quality that the farm is known for.

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