Available in Florida

Buying koi located in Florida

Some koi for sale online may be relocated to our physical retail stores at—Kodama Koi Garden in New Jersey and Kodama Koi Garden in Florida.

If you want to buy an online koi located in our FL store, you can use this page to easily shop for them.

Facts about receiving koi located in FL

To receive your koi, either email us (Kodama Koi Farm in Hawaii) at info@kodamakoifarm.com or call 808-354-7031.

If you are near FL Kodama Koi Garden, you can pick up your koi at the store (view location on map).

Or to ship a koi purchased online that is located in FL, please:

  • pick either a Thursday or Friday to receive the koi
  • notify us at least 5 days in advance of your preferred receiving date

Shipping options—UPS and Southwest Air Cargo

UPS is our recommended shipper for your koi; and you will receive a tracking number on the day of shipment. Normal UPS shipping rates apply.

Or if you prefer to ship via Southwest Air Cargo, we can arrange that to ship from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL). Note: there is an extra handling fee minimum of $75 to drive koi to the airport.

Additional Southwest details:

  • Flight booking will be RUSH Priority Freight or Next Flight Guaranteed (NFG) and collect only
  • A direct flight will be chosen, if available, because it reduces the risk of delayed, missing, or damaged packages
  • Flight will be scheduled for after 12 pm (EST). We will drop off koi boxes 2 hours prior to the flight, and we stop drop offs at 5 pm (EST). Example, if a flight leaves at 10 pm, we will still drop off the koi at 5 pm.

Caveats on koi availability

Since these koi are at the physical store in FL, the store manager there makes the final decision on the koi's availability and health status; and there may be rare cases where a koi is unhealthy or its availability status is out-of-date.

In such cases, Kodama Koi Farm's Hawaii office will notify you and either:

  • postpone the shipment if a koi is sick to give it time to recover
  • or give you a full refund or store credit

If you have questions about your koi order, email Kodama Koi Farm's Hawaii office at info@kodamakoifarm.com or call 808-354-7031.

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