Celebrating Mamoru Kodama's Birthday Sale-2019

Last Chance For High Quality Koi in Kaicho's Birthday Special

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Sale Ends: Wednesday July 31st 2019

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Hi and Sumi Create a Delicate & Intense Beauty on the Spindle Shaped body.

This is a gigantic Hi Utsuri from Shinoda Koi Farm!
When it comes to this variety, there is no breeder next to Mr. Shinoda.
The first quality of his bloodline is the body.
His Hi Utsuri grows big.
This 62cm Hi Utsuri is the perfect example.


There are not many examples with such a definite design as this Koi displays for us. 

Sumi design on its body creates a bold checkered pattern on the left side of the body and the delicate design on the right side of the body, and it will mature in glistening in lacquer black day by day.

When the strong Hachiware pattern complete, the expression seen on this Koi will be fabulous looking.
Omosako’s Shiro Utsuri will have the shita-zumi appearing clearly and will be evident as it grows.


Ushizo Quality make this Koi’s Gorgeous Beauty.

Each Hi plate shows such unique but individual form.
They are arranged on genuine white skin with effective composition.

All Sumi on its body glistens like coal.
This artistic Sumi pattern will be the highlight of this Showa. 
You can see…This super unique situation seems to be a black smoke swirling in the sky.
We are very looking forward to watching how will it develop & mature in future closely.

All High Quality Koi Are Only $760 and $7,600 In Honor Of "KAICHO" Mamoru Kodama's Birthday!

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