Hiroi Azukari 2018

There are beautiful Ginrin koi in this year's Hiroi Azukari event

Azukari means boarding. That means that all the koi in this promo are still in Japan in breeder Hiroi's koi farm where they'll stay in the mud ponds for the summer. Then they'll be harvested in the fall and shipped to you.

These koi are all stunning Ginrin varieties of Kohaku and Showa and are 2-year old females ranging in size from around 17–21 inches long. Each is $1,800 with the boarding included. These girls will add a lovely sparkle to your pond fish collection.

When fall arrives, you'll have a great experience seeing how their patterns developed and how big they've grown. Imagine picking your favorite now and then receiving it in the fall all big and beautiful after growing in Hiroi's mud ponds. Don't miss it! Offer ends April 25, 2018—extended to Monday, April 30, 2018.

Check out a couple of these koi for sale

Here's how it works:

  • Purchase your favorite koi from Hiroi (each one is $1,800)
  • Breeder Hiroi will then board the koi in one of his dedicated mud ponds for the summer
  • In October, you have the unique opportunity to visit Niigata, Japan to experience the harvest of your koi in person
  • Can't go to Japan this year? No problem—we will send you pictures and ship your koi to Kodama Koi Farm in Hawaii for quarantining. From there, we will make shipping arrangements to your home
  • Offer ends April 25—extended to April 30

What's included:

  • Koi from Breeder Hiroi Koi Farm
  • Boarding during the growing season. Your koi will be cared for by the breeder
  • International shipping from Japan to Kodama Koi Farm in Hawaii (shipping from Hawaii to your home is paid for separately)
  • Koi quarantine

Note: In the unfortunate event that your koi is not harvested alive, you will receive full koi credit by Kodama Koi Farm.

Hiroi breeder twin brothers

Hiroi breeder brothers

Examples of Hiroi's Ginrin Showa and Kohaku winners

A Hiroi mud pond

Hiroi mud pond

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