Sakazume Budogoromo

Budogoromo – koi #s0803t020

Are you looking for a show quality Budogoromo? 

If so, you no longer have to look any further.

She is a perfect one for you.  Let’s check her quality. Budo means grape in Japanese.

So we need consistent grape color over the Hi (red) plates. Because she is still young, indigo is still in the middle of the development. 

You can see Hi is gradually and evenly colored by indigo. 
Ai zashi ( indigo leading edge) is a great place to tell the quality of Aigoromo and Budogoromo. Please look at her Ai zashi on the back. Yon can see a beautiful indigo band over there. This is an indication of excellent quality. I would like you to pay attention to Ai zashi on the tail area, too. It is small but you can see thin, delicate and beautiful indigo bands there.   These beautiful Ai zashi alone are worth appreciation.

Her pattern is perfect. It is a simple two step pattern. The pair patches of the Hi on the face and the wide open white shoulder and the tail catches our attention. The large second Hi expresses the stable look with the deep Maki (wraps) and perfect Odome (tail stop). The pattern is simple, but meets the principles of show quality Koi. 

The simplicity rather enhances excellence of her quality and makes her second-to-none Budogoromo.

Sakazume Koi Farm is a trusted brand for Koromo. You can get his Koromo with confidence.

She is still a young Koi. Her beauty will become much richer as she grows and matures.

If you look for show quality Koromo. Look no further. Here is the one for you.

Sakazume Koi Farm

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Sex: Female
Born in: 2018
Size: 19.29 inch

Budogoromo – koi #s0803t020


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