Mamoru's 78th Birthday Sale

Mamoru's 78th Birthday Sale!

Mamoru Kodama, the owner of Kodama and legend of the koi world, celebrates his 78th birthday on July 14th. For his birthday this year help us celebrate by participating in our Mamoru's 78th Birthday Sale! In this promotion you will find over 78 high quality Japanese koi all on sale for only $780 and receive a FREE PDF version of your breeders certificate.

About Mamoru Kodama "KAICHO"'s History

Mr. Kodama started his career as a researcher at Fresh Water Aquaculture Experimental Station of Aichi Pref., Japan.
After 5 years, he founded Miyoshiike, a specialized dealer of Niigata Nishikigoi 40 years ago.

He has won grand champion at All Japan Nishikigoi Shows 5 times and is recognized as a sharpest-eyed dealer of Nishikigoi.

The famous Koi that he has dealt with are “This is Kohaku,” “Loran,” “Daiya no Kamen,” and many more. In 1990,
Mr. Kodama partnered with a company in Taiwan and he started teaching them the breeding of Koi.
In 1993, he launched a breeding farm in Okinawa until 2000.

Mamoru's Grand Champion Koi

The breeding experience in the tropical climate at this time reassured the decision to open a Koi farm in Hawaii.
In 2001, Mr. Kodama launched Japan Koi Online, a distribution center in California and assigned Taro Kodama as president.
At about the same time, he started to write articles on Niigata Koi breeders in the magazine “KOI USA”,
and still continues to do so.

Japan Koi Online has introduced almost 60,000 Niigata Koi throughout the USA. This would not have been able to be done without the network he established with the breeders in Niigata for 40 years. Japan Koi Online which has now been relocated to Hawaii and has been renamed Kodama Koi Farm, has 10 acres for Koi, which make for a much large scale of operation.

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