New Year New Koi


Happy New Year!
2018 was a rough year, but thanks to the loyalty of all the customers,
we have made it through.  You made us feel we are the luckiest Koi dealer in the US.
Thank you.
In 2019, With our mission "we make everybody happy with Koi," in mind, we will strive to deliver you beautiful, high quality and most importantly, safe Koi from Japan.  To begin a prosperous 2019, we have selected about 100 high-quality Koi.
Let's start this NEW year with NEW Koi
Looking forward to serving you as YOUR koi dealer in 2019, too

*If Koi is not shipped out by 4/30, shipping fee will be charged.
*If Koi is not shipped out by 4/30, boarding fee will be charged

Boarding Fee:
The cost is $50/Koi per month (fees are nonrefundable)

Boarding Koi:
If a Koi becomes ill, we will treat it at no additional cost to you
NO replacements or refunds will be offered if a boarding Koi loses its color or dies

Find Your Perfect New Koi.
Kodama Koi Farm presents to you the selection of high quality koi for your pond and some of our most prized jewels.

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