Niigata Winter Collection 2020

Taro Kodama

Koi are very unique animals that are not only lovable pets, but also art forms.

Living jewel is not an exaggeration of Japanese Koi. People collect them for many reasons.

Some collect them for competitions. Some may collect them to add more colors to their ponds.

While some collect them because they love the Niigata breeders or the bloodlines.

Having these in mind, I personally and carefully collected these living jewels for you.

Taro Kodama is in Niigata, Japan now. Every koi is hand-selected by Taro for you.


These koi are currently in Japan. The estimated shipping date to your home is early April 2020.

Promo terms

The koi in this promo:

  • are approximately sized
  • ship from Japan to Hawaii for FREE. Shipping from Hawaii to your location is paid separately (see shipping rates)
  • will be arriving soon from Japan and quarantined in Hawaii for 4 weeks
  • will be ready to ship early April 2020 (unless noted otherwise)
  • are refundable with store credit if a koi dies before it can be shipped to you

Koi boarding option:

If you are unable to receive your koi in April, we offer boarding for $50/koi per month depending on space availability (fees are nonrefundable. Click here for more terms).

Please contact customer service at info@kodamakoifarm.com to check availability.

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