Hoshikin Tosai 2018

Hoshikin Legacy


Hoshikin koi farm has been running their business for 3 generations.

They maintain their tradition and brand of top quality koi. Many hobbyists in Japan are eager to have their koi,

because they have a high percentage of winning champion titles at koi shows.

The characteristics of their koi are that they tend to grow large and their hi quality is rich and lustrous.

Their white skin is transparent as well and looks very tender, so that attracts people’s attention.

Their koi have good body conformation, good quality and good patterns. However they didn’t just happen to have those excellent koi. They established their koi quality after continuous improvement of koi for nearly 100 years.

Their pursuit for the beauty will continue forever.


The 31 Nogyo-sai Daijin Prize

The 38 Nogyo-sai Daijin Prize

The 43 Nogyo-sai Daijin Prize

Niigata Nogyo-sai Best in size 2015

All Koi come with a Hoshikin Koi Farm original Certificate.

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