Marudo Jumbo Tosai

Grand Champion Maker- Marudo Koi Farm Jumbo Tosai

Breeder Marudo with father and farm founder

Over 20 special Jumbo Tosai Koi from top Japanese breeder—Marudo.

These are lovely Taisho Sanke ranging in size from around 8.7–11.8 in. (22–30 cm.) with great body conformation and white skin.

Have a look around and pick your favorites!


The 48th All Japan Koi Show Mature Champion

2017 Nogyosai Koi Show Grand Champion

The 39th All Japan Koi Show Mature Champion

The 46th All Japan Rinyukai Koi show Grand Champion

Have a look at their younger brothers and sisters from the champion bloodline here

Gift from Marudo Koi Farm, Breeders Certificate

All Koi come with a Marudo Koi Farm original Certificate.

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