Online Open House

Online Open House for May 2020

Welcome to May's Online Open House promo exclusively for our 🌴 local Hawaii koi-mmunity. Dive in from May 16–22 to find your next finned friend!

Though we're unable to host a physical Open House due to coronavirus precautions, you can use this webpage to peruse these Japanese koi attractively priced at only $80–$120 each.

After you make an order online, let us know which day you want to pickup at the farm in Mililani from Monday–Friday (or we can ship the koi to you).

Ask us any questions at or call +1 (833) Koi Love (1-833-564-5683) to schedule a pickup at the farm.

Note: once the local government has lifted the stay-at-home precautions, we'll plan to host a regular physical Open House.

Can't find the koi you're looking for? Click here to use our koi request form