Konishi & Tamasaba

4th Annual Konishi Study Tategoi Fest

Study Tategoi from Konishi Koi Farm are back and better than ever! Along with Konishi's famous Karashi, we are happy to offer their popular Shusui and Kujyaku. What separates Konishi's Shusui and Kujyaku from the rest is that they have Karashi blood in them allowing them to grow bigger than others. 

Amazing Prices For Study Tategoi

Normally Konishi Koi sell at a higher price, but through our study tategoi program where the koi you purchase are RANDOMALY SELECTED, we are able to offer top-tier koi to you at an affordable price.

Karashi - $129

Shusui - $69

Kujyaku - $69

Qualify For Special Shipping Rates

Mix and match between the three koi breeds (Karashi, Shusui and Kujyaku) to save on shipping!

1-4 Koi ship for $79

5+ Koi ship for FREE

Exception: Every TWO Tamasaba Goldfish can count as One koi fish towards shipping. Ex. (2 Tamasaba = 1 Koi) + 4 Koi = 5 Koi and FREE SHIPPING!

Important: These koi will be shipped from November 16–24, 2020. When you check out online, please choose a shipping date within that time frame.

Mix And Match Karashi, Shusui and Kujyaku! Buy 5 Or More And Get FREE Shipping

Tamasaba Study Tategoi Goldfish Are Back!

Tamasaba goldfish are a rare ornamental goldfish from Japan and this batch is from Kaneko Koi Farm. They are hardy and can grow large for goldfish—up to 10 inches. Their bodies are round with arched backs and long, flowing tail fins; and they have solid red and white skin patterns.

They can live in the same pond as your koi! And they eat the same food, too. If you own koi already and want to add a new ornamental fish species easily, try a couple Tamasaba goldfishes.

Pricing For Tamasaba Goldfish


$49 Each

Qualify For Special Shipping Rates


1-9 Tamasaba ship for $79

10+ Tamasaba ship for FREE

Tamasaba are available to ship starting October 22nd, 2020

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