Yamamatsu Tosai 2018


What we are offering today are the koi that were born from the excellent grand champion of the All Japan Nishikigoi show.

If you haven’t owned koi from Matsunosuke, one of the best brands in Japan, this is your opportunity to own one.

Nishikigoi are the same as dogs and cats.
Beautiful excellent koi are normally born from excellent parent koi.

Then, how can we confirm that the parent koi are excellent?

For dogs and cats, there are shows where the champions can be determined for their excellence. That applies to Nishikigoi as well. There are koi shows held in all over the world. When they become champions in koi shows, they will be acknowledged as excellent koi. The breeder Matsunosuke won the grand champion titles numerous times at the All Japan Nishikigoi Show where all the excellent koi compete.

The grand champion koi at the entrance of Matsunosuke

Yamamatsu Koi Farm indoor pond

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