Matsuda Koi Nets

What is a Matsuda Koi Net ?

Matsuda Ryogten is the leading maker of Koi nets in Japan. These gentle, high quality nets are an indispensable tool for Koi professionals and hobbyists. Here's why:

  • The rings on Matsuda Ryoguten's nets are covered in plastic, making them safer when you are trying to catch your precious Koi
  • These Koi nets are sturdy and built-to-last, meaning you can easily maneuver them through the water for years to come
  • Their mesh netting is made to be gentle on Koi's skin and avoid scratching them 

This is a must-have product for anyone who seriously sells koi products.

Pond net with special shipping offer

Pond Net: The net stitching is encased within the ring tubing for protection of the Koi and to keep the net in good order. Guaranteed longer net wear because of the way the stitching is protected within the ring tube.
ID Item No. Wholesale Price
7-6501 11-3(P:2' Dia:13" M:1/8" Dep:6-1/4") $62.53
7-6502 11-4(P:2' Dia:13" M:1/8" Dep:6-1/4") $62.53
7-6503 11-3(P:3-1/2' Dia:13" M:1/8" Dep:6-1/4") $70.14
7-6504 11-4(P:3-1/2' Dia:13" M:3/16" Dep:6-1/4") $70.14
7-6505 13-3(P:5' Dia:15-3/8" M:1/8" Dep:6-1/4") $81.12
7-6506 13-4(P:5' Dia:15-3/8" M:3/16" Dep:6-1/4") $81.12
7-6507 16-3(P:6' Dia:19" M:1/8" Dep:8") $155.48
7-6508 16-4(P:6' Dia:19" M:1/4" Dep:9") $155.48
7-6509 18-3(P:6' Dia:21-1/4"M:1/8" Dep:8") $194.35
7-6510 18-4(P:6' Dia:21-1/4" M:1/4" Dep:9") $194.35
7-6511 20-3(P:6' Dia:24" M:1/8" Dep:8") $229.84
7-6512 20-4(P:6' Dia:24" M:1/4" Dep:9") $229.84
7-6513 20-3(P:9' Dia:24" M:1/8" Dep:8") $246.74
7-6514 20-4(P:9' Dia:24" M:1/4" Dep:9") $246.74
7-6515 22-3(P:9' Dia:26" M:1/8" Dep:10") $276.25
7-6516 22-4(P:9' Dia:26" M:1/4" Dep:13-3/8") $276.25
7-6517 24-3(P:9' Dia:28-3/8" M:1/8" Dep:12-5/8") $325.00
7-6519 24-4(P:9' Dia:28-3/8" M:1/4" Dep:13-3/8") $325.00
7-6520 24-5(P:9' Dia:28-3/8" M:1/4" Dep:21-5/8") $357.50
7-6522 27-3(P:9' Dia:31-1/2" M:1/8" Dep:14-3/16") $357.50
7-6523 27-4(P:9' Dia:31-1/2" M:1/4" Dep:15") $357.50
7-6524 30-3(P:9' Dia:35-1/2" M:1/8" Dep:16-1/2") $373.75
7-6525 30-4(P:9' Dia:35-1/2" M:1/4" Dep:16-1/2") $373.75
7-6526 33-3(P:9' Dia:39-3/8" M:1/8" Dep:16-1/2") $406.25
7-6527 33-4(P:9' Dia:39-3/8" M:1/4" Dep:16-1/2") $406.25

Hand Net

Hand Net: Mesh is fine and gentle. Perfect net to catch and show small Koi at retail stores.
ID Item No. Wholesale price
7-6621 SD13-1(P:15-3/4" Dia:15-1/3" M: 1/16 Dep 5-1/2") $87.88
7-6623 SD18-1(P:22-13/16" Dia 21-1/4" M: 1/16 Dep 6-1/4") $165.62

Culling Net

Culling Net: Must-too for culling fries and baby Koi.
ID Item No. Wholesale Price
7-6634 901(P:7"Dia:10-5/8" M:1/8"Dep:3-1/2") $27.04
7-6636 CHI901(P:7" Dia:10-5/8" M:1/24" Dep:2-3/8") $27.89
7-6603 CHI201 $16.90
7-6606 CHI301 $18.59
7-6601 ST(CHI)3cm $11.83
7-6602 CHI 5cm (Honneycombed) $16.90
7-6604 CHI202 (Honneycombed) 6cm $18.59
7-6605 CHI 7.5cm (Honneycombed) $20.28
7-6607 CHI302(Honneycobed) 9cm $21.13

Sock Net

Sock Net
ID Item No. Wholesale Price
7-6715 GN27 Sock Net with Bag 27 P:10" Dia:10-5/8" L:4' $76.50
7-6716 GN30 Sock Net with Bag 30 P:10" Dia:11-13/16" L:4' $90.00
7-6710 GN300-L Long Sock Net with Bag P:20" Dia:11-13/16" L:5' $152.10


ID Item No. Wholesale Price
  Spawning Mops (Sinking) L: 5' x 3 $82.50
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