Niigata Winter Collection

Izumiya Showa hitting USA for the first time

Izumiya is one of the distinguished Koi breeders in Japan. When you go to his farm, you would be overwhelmed with the size and beauty of his collection.

What makes him famous is Yamabuki Ogon. Everybody knows nobody can breed better Ogon than Izumiya, but few knows excellence of his Showa.

His Showa, based with over 3 feet female Showa of Isa Showa line, he crossed Dainichi Showa of Gacha X bloodline. The offsprings are amazingly beautiful as you can see them here.

Be one of the first in the US to raise this limited quantity of Izumiya Showa

35 inch (90cm) Over  Izumiya Showa Oyagoi (parents Koi)
Female Parent : ISA blood line , Male parent : Dainichi Gacha X blood line.

Izumiya Koi Farm headed by Sen'ichi Mano and now with his son Ryu.

IZUMIYA out door pond

IZUMIYA AWARDS KOI SHOWA, SANKE  The75th Niigata Koi Show Grand Champion

2019 All Japan Koi Show  85bu Tsubaki Prize, 75bu Tsubaki Prize, 70bu Tsubaki Prize, Bred by Izumiya Koi Farm

Izumiya Koromo

Along with Ogon, Koromo is making the name of Izumiya more famous every year. Just looking at all the top winners of Koromo at All Japan Koi Show a few weeks ago, they ARE all from Izumiya. What amazes us is how articurately and accurately Ai (indigo) appears on Hi plate. You would be very lucky if you have an opportunity to own his Koromo because his supply of Koromo is very limited.

This time, we found 2 future promising Koromo from Izumiya Koi Farm

These Koi are currently in Japan, The estimated shipping date will be starting by the end of April

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