There are various ways to buy Koi, but we believe our online Koi Auction is one of the best sources in your hunt for Japanese Koi fish for sale. Here are some reasons why:

In Nishikigoi, who finds koi is more important than who breeds Koi. Every single koi from famous breeders are not necessarily top quality Koi. It is the experienced dealer who finds or selects top quality koi among so many choices at the excellent breeders. It is the experienced professional dealer that counts! Mamoru Kodama, chairman of Miyoshiike Co., Ltd. with his 40 yrs. of experience, handpicks all the Koi on our Koi Auction.

Being a Koi dealer for 40 years, we understand that healthy Koi is one of the most important factors for hobbyists. Therefore, we conduct very intensive quarantine method before we ship Koi.

All the information of every Koi – all 100% bred in Nishikigoi – will be open equally to every Koi hobbyist online. No reservations, no matter how low the final price is – that is the price you get! This is why we are not only the FIRST, but also TRUE Koi Auction Site!

By bidding a bit more than others, you, too, can obtain beautiful Nishikigoi!

A good, strong relationship with breeders is our fortune. It is the most important. Buying Koi from breeders is not just a matter of money, but also a matter of trust. The dealer must be trustworthy and skillful enough for the breeder to leave his precious Koi in their care. In another words, if they could not rely on you, they do not want to sell to you. The importance of this relationship grows more as the quality of Koi get higher and higher. Additionally, this good, strong, trustworthy relationship will bring us lower costs. To say that we have spent the Company’s lifetime (38 years) building this relationship would not be an overstatement.

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