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We sell only the best Japanese Koi Fish and pond products.

Excellent koi fish are produced with the best food, pond supplies, and koi lineage. Use our 50 years of experience to improve your koi pond inventory & koi care knowledge.

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High Quality Wholesale Japanese Koi Suppliers

Big & Small Available in Bulk Sizes

Wholesale koi delivered straight to your doorstep!

What Types of Wholesale Koi & Pond Supplies Do You Sell?

We are your destination for high-quality Japanese Koi Fish & wholesale koi pond supplies for sale.

Our wholesale program offers a wide range of Koi fish varieties, sizes, and qualities for sale. Purchase with a complete lineup of products and tools specifically designed for koi pond care.

We will help take your koi business to the next level.

High quality koi come with a certificate of authentication and every koi we sell is of 100% Japanese lineage. Our family has strived to bring the most beautiful koi to ponds across America and want to add our living jewels to your pond.

We are one of the oldest wholesale suppliers for koi, food, medicines, and all of the products you will need to be successful in this industry. Use our experience and wholesale koi pond supplies to improve your operations. Our koi fish in bulk sizes are perfect for improving your profit margins!

Contact us to see how we can add an extra sparkle to your water!

Many Wholesale Koi Varieties Are Still Available for Your Pond

Buy Premium Koi Food – perfected in our koi farms over the last 50 years!

This is the exact food we use to raise grand champion koi on our farm in Hawaii.

NEW - Mr. Kodama Koi Food - All Season (Wheat Germ)

NEW - Mr. Kodama Koi Food - Color Up (Color Enhancing)

Manda Fu Kodama Koi Food - "Koi Crack"

Hi SIlk 21 & Hi Silk 21 Sweet Potato

Wholesale Koi Pond Supplies – Water Treatments, Medicine, Books and More!

Everything you need to sell high end Japanese Koi Fish, supplies, and natural pond maintenance solutions.

KioNendo - Finest Clay from Japan

Manda Nishiki - Health Supplement

Why Choose Kodama as your Wholesale Koi and Pond Products Supplier?

We have over 50 years of Kodama family traditions that produce the best koi champions in the World!

High Quality Japanese Koi

Every single koi is hand-picked from top breeders by Koi Master Mamoru Kodama. Our 12 acre koi farm in Hawaii makes us one of the world’s largest operations for Japanese Koi.

Raised by the Best Breeders

We’re committed to offering the best koi from Niigata, Japan (birthplace and mecca). Our family is proud to import and present this beautiful Japanese culture of “Living Jewels”.

Healthy & Tested Koi

Our #1 priority is healthy koi. After we buy koi from trusted breeders, they spend 3 weeks in quarantine with careful examination to ensure koi are safe with no KHV (Koi Herpes Virus).
With 10+ All Japan Grand Champions and over 50 years of direct work with Niigata, Japan breeders, we are in a unique position to sell both koi fish and the pond supplies that support their health, which is ultimately their beauty!

Our Beautiful Koi Farm In Hawaii

Come visit us and go for a tour at our koi farm! When you visit we will show you the pond setup and how we can make a large quantity of bulk koi fish for sale to support your business operations.
Sell the BEST Japanese Koi and pond products available!
Sell the BEST Japanese Koi and pond products available!

Japanese Koi Dealer Benefits

Taro Kodama explains the importance of finding a trusted koi dealer who has the experience and connections to find the best available selection.

Access best prices


Improve overall communication

Trust In Koi Quality

Your Trusted Koi Wholesale Supplier

We’ve been selling wholesale koi pond supplies for decades and have the Japanese wholesale koi fish products you will need to be successful in koi fish breeding.

You want a Japanese koi dealer to assist with all aspects of the purchase. We have the experience to help you make the right choice for your ponds! Call to set an appointment with me – (833) 564-5683

About Taro Kodama

About Taro Kodama

“Raised by my father and Koi Master Mamoru Kodama, I will always appreciate and love koi for the natural beauty they bring into this world. It will be my pleasure to find you the perfect koi.”

We’re an authorized dealer and wholesale supplier for the BEST Japanese breeders

Contact us to learn which are currently available for a wholesale koi purchase from koi breeders in Japan.

We Sell Bulk Koi Fish and Pond Products to Businesses

We Sell Bulk Koi Fish and Pond Products to Businesses