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Your adventure awaits – let’s create memories that will last a lifetime with direct access to breeders in our Niigata Koi Tour!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of koi breeding, where centuries of tradition and dedication come together to create living masterpieces. Whether you’re a seasoned koi enthusiast or just starting your journey, our tours are designed to remove all barriers to travelling to Niigata Japan to visit koi farms, and provide a seamless, enriching experience.


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Why Visit Niigata, Japan with Taro & Kodama Koi Farm?

Our Japanese Koi buying trips immerse yourself in the enchanting world of koi breeding, where centuries of tradition and dedication come together to create living masterpieces. Whether you’re a seasoned koi enthusiast or just starting your journey, our tours are designed to remove all barriers and provide a seamless, enriching experience. This is the best possible experience to fulfill your visit to the birthplace of koi.

How Do We Support You on the Koi Trip?

  • Fully Guided Trip to Visit Koi Farms in Japan
  • Your Koi Shipped Home and Quarantined
  • Visit Harvests with Top Breeders
  • Experience Japan Koi Shows
  • Exclusive Access and Q/A with Breeders
  • Bilingual Support
  • Travel, Lodging, and Meals Assistance

Watch this new video by James Rothwell of Maru Koi, and join him on his recent trip to Niigata Japan with Taro Kodama, to view the birthplace of koi fish and find his new dream koi.

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We Assist in Travel Planning

Concerned About Travel Logistics?

We’ve Got You Covered!

Hassle-Free Travel Planning: Worried about navigating international travel? Let us assist in the details. We help you arrange flights, accommodation, meals, and transportation. From the moment you arrive in Japan until your departure, our team ensures a smooth and fun experience. Focus on enjoying your adventure while we take care of the logistics.

No Experience with Koi Handling?

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Guidance for All Levels


New to the world of koi? Don’t worry. Our tours are perfect for enthusiasts at any level. Travel with Taro Kodama, a leading expert in koi, and gain invaluable insights into koi selection and care. Purchase top quality koi at great prices on this koi buying trip to Japan.

You may experience hands-on sessions and always receive personalized guidance ensure you learn everything you need to know, whether you’re a novice or an experienced collector.

Niigata Japan Tour
Niigata Japan Koi Tour

Worried About Language Barriers? We Speak Your Language!

Bilingual Support

Concerned about navigating a foreign country and language? Our team provides bilingual support throughout your trip.
With fluent English-speaking guides and translators, you’ll never feel lost or out of place. Enjoy your koi buying trip with confidence, knowing we’re here to assist you throughout the journey.

Cultural Differences Intimidating? Experience Authentic Japan with Ease!

Cultural Immersion Made Simple

Intimidated by cultural differences? Our carefully curated itinerary offers a gentle introduction to Japanese culture. Participate in local activities, savor authentic cuisine, and explore the stunning landscapes of Niigata with ease.
Our friendly team ensures you feel comfortable and welcomed throughout your visit to Japan.
Join us in Japan to select your own Koi.
Niigata Japan Koi Tour

Worried About the Cost? Exceptional Value for Your Investment!

Transparent Pricing and Value

Concerned about the expense? Our tours offer exceptional value, with transparent pricing that includes all major costs.
Enjoy quality accommodations, meals, and exclusive access to top koi breeders without hidden fees. We provide a high quality experience at a price that offers excellent value for your investment.

Read Testimonials & Join us for Koi Buying Trips to Japan

I have been a koi enthusiast for years, and Kodama Koi Farm has consistently provided the highest quality koi fish I have ever seen. Their commitment to importing only the best from Niigata, Japan, and their meticulous quarantining procedures give me confidence in every purchase. The koi I bought last year are thriving and have become the centerpiece of my pond. I highly recommend Kodama Koi Farm for anyone looking to buy healthy and beautiful koi.

Sarah L

Kodama Koi Farm is a true gem in the koi community. The family-run operation combines traditional techniques from Niigata breeders with modern best practices to raise stunning koi fish. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and always ready to help with any questions about koi care. I’ve also purchased koi pond supplies and educational books from them, which have been invaluable in maintaining my pond. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my koi needs!

Michael T

As a first-time koi buyer, I was nervous about finding a reputable source. Kodama Koi Farm exceeded all my expectations. Their website is informative, and their staff guided me through the entire process, ensuring I selected the right koi for my pond. The fish are absolutely beautiful and healthy. I appreciate the care and dedication that goes into raising these living jewels. Kodama Koi Farm has earned a lifelong customer!

James K

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Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Kodama Koi Farm. Book your spot today and unlock the secrets of Niigata’s koi breeding heritage. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way on your koi buying trip to Japan.

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