Niigata Koi Tour – 2020

Virtual Tour Coming Soon!

Though there will not be a physical tour this year, we hope to bring the exciting koi harvests to you online! Make sure you tune in for the updates on Facebook and on our newsletter to join us on our travels in this Niigata, Japan koi tour.

  • Taro Kodama is planning to fly to Japan for this year’s October koi harvests. He’ll be your virtual koi guide as he visits the koi farms, interviews the breeders, do Facebook Live streams, and shares lots of videos and images of the newly harvested koi for purchase online
  • Those koi bought online will be shipped from Japan to Hawaii for quarantining for about a month; and then shipped from Hawaii to their final destination. Expected koi arrival to customers’ homes will be towards the end of December 2020 or January 2021
  • There will be no tour reservations because of current international travel restrictions and coronavirus safety precautions


Tune in to the virtual koi tour:

NEW VIDEO – Interviews About Niigata, Japan Koi Harvest

Watch this video speaking directly with the koi breeders and how their season has gone.


Full Interviews for Niigata Koi Harvest

Isa Koi Farm – Mitsunori Isa

Isa: This year, I added more mud ponds for Tosai and released more Kohaku tosai. Usually, I do only 2 – 3 pairs of Kohaku, but this year, I did 8 pairs. I have a very good feeling about this year’s harvest. In 2 to 3 years, my display ponds will get brighter with Kohaku, I hope. I feel pretty confident in the quality of my Kohaku.

Isa: Showa is definitely the highlight of my farm after all. I have been working to improve my Showa. In my plan, these improvements are supposed to come. But of course, until I harvest them, I can not really tell, but I am very much looking forward to them.

Isa: I am sure everybody in the world is having a hard time with this coronavirus. We, Koi breeders, even under this corona time, are doing what we need to do. Once this is over, I would like you to come back to Niigata.

This year, we would like to introduce our Koi through the internet. So please take a look and contact your dealers like Kodama Koi Farm if you see something good from us.


Hiroi Koi Farm – Kazuyoshi Hiroi

Hiroi: Overall, it is pretty good. Please look forward to them

Hiroi: Ginrin and Doitsu are especially good this year

Hiroi: Quality of Koi is as good as every year. So please buy

Hoshikin Koi Farm – Katsuyuki Hoshino

Hoshikin: I bred Kohaku and Showa this year

Hoshikin: Our focus is Kohaku. So we will have a good selection of 2 and 3 years olds from Kohaku. I have many Tancho Kohaku too.

Hoshikin: I know it is hard for everyone with coronavirus. Niigata breeders including ourselves are working hard to breed good quality Koi. We will ask Kodama Koi Farm to take videos for you. So please take a look.


Kanno Koi Farm – Kazuhiro Hirasawa

Kanno: This year like every year, we bred many varieties like Goshik and Ginrin Goshiki.

Kanno: I released more 2 years old to mud ponds this year, so I expect to harvest many good ones. I have many small 2 years old as well as large 20-22” 2 years old too. I have many show quality Koi too. Please look forward to them.

Kanno: It is hard for everyone with coronavirus. But we are breeding Koi like usual in Japan. I know you can not come, but I know Mr. Kodama will come. Please ask him to show you many Koi videos so that you can enjoy and buy Koi while you are at home.


Shinoda Koi Farm – Masanori Shinoda

Just like every year, I bred Doitsu Gosanke, Ginrin Showa, Hi Utsuri and a little bit of Kujyaku.

This year, I think 2 years old Doitsu and Hi Utsuri are pretty good. As for 3 years old, Hi Utsuri has grown pretty big, so they are interesting too.

I know it is a difficult time for everyone, but we are working hard to breed Koi. So once things are settled down, please come back to Niigata again.


Maruhiro Koi Farm – Hironori Hirasawa

My breeding is good this year so far. I bred many different varieties. I have enough Tosai and their quality are good too.

Highlights of this year? It is a bit difficult. Just like every year, I will have many different variety at different sizes from small to large.

I know you may not be able to come, but I will do my best working with close dealers like Kodama Koi Farm so that we can deliver Koi to hobbyists like yourself.


Marudo Koi Farm – Hisashi Hirasawa

Marudo: This is Marudo Koi Farm. Tosai of Sanke, Kohaku and Showa are coming pretty good this year. I also bred others like Karashi, Mukashi Ogon and Kujyaku. As for 2 years old, I started breeding Showa from last year. So I expect to harvest many good 2 years old Showa. So please look forward to them.

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