Join Fall 2023 Niigata Tour!

Follow Taro Virtually or In-Person in Japan


Niigata harvest is just around the corner! Time to send in your requests.

Send us your requests for high quality Japanese koi you are searching for.

This year you have the opportunity to go with Taro and other koi lovers to select koi and see what really happens in the Niigata koi farms and if you can’t come to Japan, Taro will be your eyes during the whole Niigata Koi Tour. He will visit many koi farms and find your dream Koi.

Join Taro Kodama, on the koi hunt in Niigata Japan and buy from the best breeders in the world!


This year you can join us to visit historic farms as a welcomed guest in-person or online and see the most unique perspectives of Niigata. But most importantly, you can buy directly from the breeders in Japan!

Complete the form on step 3 below to request a seat on the tour and/or to send us the koi you want us to find for you on the adventure.

You can join us on the tour anytime from 10/12/23 to 10/16/23 or from 11/15/23 to 11/22/23. You can attend for any amount of time. I recommend 5 days, like Monday through Friday; but if you have a tight schedule, 2–3 days is also possible. Please inquire and reserve a seat ASAP. Seats on the van are very limited. It is on a first-come-first-served basis. I hope you will join us on this international koi buying adventure! To reserve your seat on the trip or get more information, please fill out the form below.

My koi-buying service includes the shipping arrangements and quarantine at the farm in Hawaii including KHV testing. Read more FAQs lower on this page or contact me to learn more.

If you have any questions, email or call (808) 354-7031.

Sincerely in koi,

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This is where you can join Taro as he takes you all over Niigata visiting different Koi Farms! Don’t worry, if you can’t watch when Taro is live, you will still be able to watch the videos afterwards on our Facebook page.

Expect to see breeder interviews, farm tours, new koi that you can purchase and even live harvests from the mud ponds!

Step 3: Send Us Your Dream Koi Request Below!

If there’s a specific dream koi that you’d like Taro to hunt for in October’s harvests, please let him know by filling out the koi request form below. Thanks!

Request a Koi from Niigata / RSVP to Japan Tour


  • Please fill out this short form to let Taro know to reserve a seat for you (space is limited).
  • Use this form to also request for your dream koi. Then Taro will hunt for it in Japan and send you photos of it and pricing.

Photos from previous years’ tours

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