Buy High Quality Koi Food for Growth, Color, and Healthy Koi

To keep koi happy, growing, and looking beautiful—diet plays a very big role.

By feeding with our recommended Kodama Koi Food, you are feeding koi with the exact same food we use on the farm to grow champion koi fish. The Kodama All-Season (Wheat Germ), Hi Silk and ColorUp foods are excellent for health, growth and color due to their high-quality / natural ingredients. Read on further to see real koi examples and customer testimonials.

Of course, we’re a bit biased because Mamoru Kodama (founder of Kodama Koi Farm) developed and tested the recipe himself based on over 45 years of experience working with Niigata breeders and champion koi owners.


Kodama Koi Food Breeds Champions

We consistently hear from our koi owners who compete in koi shows about the quality of their champion koi.

Our conclusion is that feeding high quality Kodama koi food leads to a bigger, more colorful, and more healthy koi fish.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what other people are saying below about the results they’re getting like:

fast growth in a few months

enhanced health and skin color (judges note that in koi shows)

less waste and clean up (more time to enjoy the koi)

You can get similar results, too!

Buy Kodama Koi Food

Our high quality koi food can be purchased online, at our retail stores (NJ & FL), or by phone – (808) 354-7031

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Learn our koi food history and why high quality koi food is a major factor in koi growth, health and happiness.

Customer Testimonials About Kodama Koi Food:

“I am very impressed with the results”

“… Amazed. I am very impressed with the results I am getting. I see very little waste in the water. And in such a short time, I began to notice immediately the sizes of my koi, especially the girth.”

David Tran

Grand Champion B at Potomac Koi Show 2016

“Our koi does not produce much waste.”

“We can not think of our Koi hobby without Kodama Koi Food. Kodama Koi Food not only raises our Koi beautiful, but more importantly, keep them all healthy. I know they use the best quality of each ingredients, and that is why our koi does not produce much waste.”

Scott and Lili Kim

“A contender again this year for Grand Champion even at 10 years old”

This koi has been fed Kodama Koi Food since she was tosai. She is now 36 inches and has won 4 major awards including Grand Champion in 2015 at the Midwest Pond and Koi Society show. She continues to eat Kodama Koi Food and is still beautiful enough to be a contender again this year for Grand Champion even at 10 years old!”

Tony Malone

“The absorption rate is excellent!”

“Since I’ve tried the Kodama Koi Food, I’ve been very surprised how little waste I’ve got in my pond and filter, i.e., the absorption rate is excellent! That really helps to lighten up the bio-load of my filter and makes my job easier keeping my koi healthy.

In regards to the nutrition, despite of what printed in the labels, you can tell and smell the quality and freshness of the food every time you open a bag of Kodama Koi Food. You can test it yourselves by smell-n-tell another brand of koi food and compare!”

Duke Nguyen

Edited version:

“It’s definitely made a HUGE difference“

“I had my koi pond for over 13 years plus.  From that time, I fed my koi with different koi food brands and compared them to Kodama’s All Season (Wheat/Germ). I can honestly say that my koi enjoy being fed with Kodama Koi Food.  It’s definitely made a HUGE difference when I fed my koi All Season food.
Not only do my koi eat faster, but they grow faster and also produce less waste in the pond.  I can say that I would now only feed them Kodama Koi Food…
This year I will also try to feed my koi with ColorUp from Kodama Koi Farm to enhance the color as well.
Thank you to Kodama Koi Farm!“
Kim and Tom

Maximize Koi Beauty and Size Potential like Recent Winner Jason Yates

Jason Yates

Jason Yates

He uses Kodama Koi Food to maximize his koi’s beauty and size potential.

Pictured right are some of his prized koi champions.

Congratulations to Jason Yates for his recent wins at the 21st Central Florida Koi Show!



Winner of 24th Potomac Koi Show and 21st Central Florida Koi Show

5-time Grand Champion (Potomac Koi Show and Central Florida Koi Show)

Winner of 24th Central FL mature champ and 1st grand champion at ZNA Carolina Koi Show

These before-and-after photos reveal the difference that Kodama Koi Food makes

These koi were fed ColorUp koi food and highlight how they blossomed. Do the same for your koi, too!

Click to see full-size image

Click to see full-size image

Recommended Food of Koi Champions

ColorUp Koi Food

All Season Koi Food

ColorUp’s and All Season’s Ingredients:

  • Fresh wheat germ. Wheat germ oil is widely known and used as human health food. The remaining defatted wheat germ is usually used as an ingredient for koi food. Kodama Koi Food, however, uses the FRESH wheat germ before the oil is extracted. It keeps your koi healthy and improves its beautiful skin.
  • Fishmeal and the other ingredients. Fishmeal, the main ingredient, is strictly examined to assure the lowest level of histamine and ethoxyquin, which may cause health problems. Also specially selected vitamins and minerals are added.
  • Bio stone. This is mineral with silicon aluminum as its main proportion. It not only acts to keep good koi healthy, but also helps maintain good water quality by absorbing ammonia.
  • Top quality spirulina (ColorUp only). In aquaculture, spirulina improves immunity and flesh quality; but it is more commonly used to enhance colors with various carotenoids in it. Especially in koi, spirulina is mainly used to enhance the red.

Hi Silk Koi Food

Hi Silk facts

Packed with Freshness!
To keep maximum freshness HI-SILK 21 is packed with aluminium-vapolizaing and is thermally sealed up.

White fish meal, silkworm chrysalis meal, wheat flour, soybean meal, rice bran, wheat germ meal brewers dried yeast, silk powder, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, the others, 10 kinds of vitamins, 11 kinds of minerals.

Hi Silk 21 Analysis:
Crude Protein: 43.8%; Crude Fat: 8.9%; Crude Fiber: 1.9%; Moisture: 6.3%; Ash: 7.6%.