Doitsu are German carp that are scale-less. Depending on the type of Doitsu, there may be scales along the lateral and dorsal lines of the koi or no scales at all.

History of Doitsu

About 100 years ago, in 1904 Doitsugio were imported fro Germany. While Japanese carp were fully scaled, the carp from Germany had to scales. The Doutsu were used as food fish because they had strong resistance against disease and very good growth rates.

Mr. Kichigoro Akiyama, a Koi breeder, observed the strong Doitsu and tried to cross it with Asagi, a variety representing Japanese koi. This began the development of the Doitsu Kohaku. There are many varieities of Doitsu koi including Doitsu Showa, Doitsu Kohaku, Doitsu Sanke, and Doitsu Hariwake.

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