Kodama Koi Shipping Calculator

Use this tool to estimate the cost of shipping your new live koi fish within the USA from our koi farm in Hawaii.

This calculator is only an estimate and is not exactly your total cost for shipping koi from Kodama. 

For Exact Shipping Cost – Contact our team via phone (833) 564-5683), email, or contact form to confirm your shipment costs before or after purchasing koi. Read our FAQs for more shipping and ordering information. Click sizes links in results to see a list of more koi that will fit in the box.

Start by entering the amount of koi in each size category that you wish to ship. Click “get estimate” to update box and shipping estimate.

Size in CM Size in Inch # of KOI


Number of boxes you need

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Total shipping cost



You can purchase this many more koi, of each size, to fit in the same size box shown above.