Tancho are gorgeous snowy white koi with a large Hi marking on their heads. The position of the Hi marking is very important and should be well proportioned on just the head. The round Hi needs to cover as much area as possibly between its eye and nose. But without covering the eye or the nose. The edge must be sharp and the coloration must be deep red. The Hi should not spread to the shoulders or back and the body and the white body should be free of any imperfections.

History of Tancho Koi

The mark of Tancho can appear on many varieties of koi but the most often is Kohaku.There are many kinds of Tancho: Tancho Kohaku, Tancho Taisho Sanshoku, Tancho, Goshiki, etc. and among them, the most expensive variety-Tnacho Showa.

Tancho are loved for many reasons including their resemblance to the Japanese flag and ability to stand out in a pond. They are named after the sacred red crowned crane of Japan for good fortune, love and long life.

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