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Koi Quarantine Tank Setup & Procedures

Learn how to quarantine your koi and setup a quarantine tank from Taro Kodama. We will explain our best tips for quarantine procedures and offer our recommended products for setting up the tank at home.

Recap of 11th Annual Aloha Koi Appreciation Society (AKAS) International Koi Show

This article by Richard Rubinstein was originally featured in the Michigan Koi Club (MKPC) newsletter and gives an attendees perspective on the Aloha Koi show 2018. Learn about his experiences and favorite parts of this unique show that had events spanning from Thursday to Sunday February 18th, 2018. Richard, thank you for your kind words and support of the hobby!

Meet Taro at Tropic Water Garden

 Taro will be at the Tropic Bay Water Gardens. Taro will bring some handpicked Japanese Koi for special prices, and Tropic Bay Water Gardens will be having in-store specials of different varieties of koi for sale. 600 WEST CENTRAL AVE. (Rt....

What is a Nishikigoi? (Koi Fish History Explained)

Learn the history of koi fish (Nishikigoi) and how they came to be such beautiful living jewels. Read about their Japanese origins from the carp and the long selective process that has created such strong body forms with vibrant colors. Defining Nishikigoi: Japanese...

How To Care For Your Koi Fish After Receiving It

Use this guide to properly introduce new koi fish into your pond using the proper quarantining, pond care, and water quality control methods for good husbandry in koi care. Based on our Japanese breeders and koi farm, these techniques are what work best when receiving...

Sanitizing the Koi Farm – Letters From Taro Kodama

This is a summary of our announcements during our sanitizing process of Kodama Koi Farm. "The past month has been difficult for Kodama Koi Farm. But I believe it was a test on our commitment which is to deliver healthy and beautiful Japanese Koi to Koi...

Kin Kikokuryu: The sensational new variety

There is a Koi show called Nogyosai once a year (the end of October) in Niigata where all the breeders will enter their Koi. This is one of the three biggest Koi shows and very authoritative. It is Kin Kikokuryu of Mr. Seiki Igarashi that obtained the most attention...

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