Asagi are characterized by 1) a blue or indigo body, and 2) red at the base of the pectoral fins. The red at the base of the pectoral fins is called Motoaka. Motoaka is an important factor in the beauty of both the Asagi and Shusui, as the both come from the same bloodlines.


How to Judge Asagi

When it is young, the entire pectoral fins are red. But as it grows, the fins start turning white from the tip. Gradually the red will shrink back to one third to one half of the fins. Motoaka (red on the base of the pectoral fins) covering about one third of the fins is considered the best harmony to balance the koi. Although red on the pectoral fins is one of the items that constitutes Asagi beauty, it is not absolutely necessary.

Regardless of the beauty of its body, the head must be a bold, clear white. Many Asagi heads have Jyami (small Sumi dots), or yellowish skin, which are considered faults. The clear head is an important key to enhancing the beauty of the blue on its body.

The Asagi's scales should run down the curves of the body and should not be uneven or missing any scales. A good Asagi should have 5–6 even rows of scales from the dorsal fin that run in perfect lines down the sides to the lateral line. Although baby or young koi haven't yet developed their netting pattern, the net pattern is the key point of their beauty.

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