Ginrin indicates the group of koi varieties that have diamond scales on the entire bodies. These scales are different from metallic and Platinum koi due to their scales being reflective and shining in the light in a miraculous way. 

History of Ginrin

These incredible koi date back to the early 1900s first bred by Mr Eizaburo Hoshino. Since the mid 1900s there have been 4 variations of Ginrin that may appear on koi. Beta Gin is when the entire scale is shining, whereas Kado Gin has a reflective surface only on the edges of the scales. There are also Diamond and Pearl Ginrin.

You will find that many Ginrin is a precursor to most koi fish such as Ginrin Kohaku, Ginrin Asagi, and Ginrin Taisho Sanke.

The sparkling scales should be even throughout the body from the shoulders to the tails. Ginrin should have at least 3 rows of shimmery scales to be considered one of this variety. There should be no missing scales for a beautiful Ginrin koi to win a show.

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