Behind The Scenes Tour Of The Kodama Koi Farm


We began our journey in 1967 when Mamoru Kodama founded Miyoshiike Co., Ltd. in Japan. Now decades later our business serves koi lovers around the world from Hawaii. Kodama Koi Farm is the largest importer and distributor of high quality Japanese Nishikigoi in the United States. For our family, producing the highest quality and even champion Nishikigoi is not a business… It’s an art, a science, and a lifestyle.


We are honored to share our lineage of knowledge as we serve koi lovers worldwide.

Book Your Farm Tour Today!

Available throughout the week Monday – Friday 10am to 1pm

For just 10 dollars per person including children to take a tour of our farm. Please schedule with our office team to ensure that we can have a guide set up for you. We need a week’s notice in advance to schedule staff. Due to availability bookings are not guaranteed.

We would love for you to come see our Farm and see our operation! We pride ourselves in our operation and team, we provide 15 to 20 minute tours of the farm where we will share the history of our company and koi. We will provide pamphlets and answer any questions you have on our koi, farm, or food.

We do not have a storefront and a lot of the koi on the farm are already sold or not for sale yet while they are in quarantine, please let our staff know at the time of booking so we can set up one of our sales team members to be there to assist you with a purchase.

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