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Koi Of The Week : Shiro Utsuri







High Class Tategoi Shiro Utsuri from Omosako Koi Farm


This Shiro Utsuri expresses the ambience of calligraphic art.


It is like Sumi, or black ink in Japanese, drip and slowly penetrate on WASHI or Japanese traditional paper.


Shiro Utsuri is such a simple variety with black and white.


So the quality of Shiroji (white ground) and quality of Sumi determines the value.


Her Shiroji is pure.


Looking at its Sumi and how Sumi appears, you can tell its Shiroji is high quality.


Although all the Sumi is not up and completed, the finished area is thick and lacquer.


The emerging gray area is so deep and soft.


Unless the Shiroji is good, even very high class Sumi would not appear like that.



As you can see, she is by far from the finished form, rather there is a huge room to improve.


Not only can she grow big, but she can also develop more Sumi on its face, shoulder, body and Odome (tail joint) and become more beautiful.


Coming from the top brand of Shiro Utsuri, quality is guaranteed.


She can definitely be an excellent addition to your pond.


Highly recommended!


Enjoy her amazing transformation in your pond.


Please consider this Shiro Utsuri for your next Koi. 

Shiro Utsuri – koi #v0303t026


Sex: Female
Born in: 2021
Size: 25.00 inch

1 in stock

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