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Koi Of The Week: Ginrin Showa




An eyestopping beauty - Ginrin Showa


The other day, I was walking by one of hundreds of ponds at my farm. 

And one beautiful Koi jumped right into my eyes. 

It is the Koi of this week. 

I have walked by the ponds many times, but until that moment, I did not see her. 

Probably her Sumi was not ready yet.

You can see her Sumi are almost finished. 

Once a little more Sumi develops to form the Menware (face dividing) pattern, her Sumi pattern will complete. 

The face will be very handsome. 

Sumi on the left shoulder corresponds with the larger dynamic Sumi on the body. 

It stops perfectly on the tail. 

The Odome (the tail stop) and Motoguro (Sumi on the pectoral fins) complete the powerful presence of the Ginrin Showa. 

Her Shiroji, on the other hand, expresses its bright look with Ginrin (diamond) scales. 

Hi plates on the head, shoulder and the back, floating like islands, add an elegant look to her.

The beautiful harmony of Hi, Sumi, Shiroji and Ginrin is beyond description. 

She is such an exquisite Koi. 

Because she is from Shinoda Koi Farm;

(The best Ginrin Showa breeders in the world),

The bloodline is the best you can ask for, and assures future potential. 

She will definitely become an eyestopper for your pond. 

Please contact Taro for any questions. 

Ginrin Showa - koi #u0715t001


Sex: Female
Born in: 2020
Size: 17.72 inch

1 in stock

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