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Koi Of The Week: Showa




Jumbo Tosai + Dainichi SuperMonster + Great pattern = Great Tategoi

Koi of this week is my favorite Jumbo Tosai Showa from Dainichi Koi Farm.

I found this Tategoi at one of Dainichi's auction early Spring. This Koi looks so unbalanced right now. All the Sumi up on the body are on the left side of the body. Even larger Hi plate is on the left side.

On the other hand, the right side of its body has smaller Hi plates here and there. Sumi are not even up yet. 


Though its design on its head is excellent, I must say the body design may not look good right now. 

However, to me, the vacancy looks so promising.

When all the hiding sumi stripes emerge on that right side, just like the ones on the left side, and connect to them, it will complete such a handsome show quality Showa. 


The sumi development will create a nice Shiroji (white ground) pattern on its shoulder and its Odome (tail stop).

If Sumi develops on its head, that will enhance her beauty even more.

Being 13” at this age and coming from the Dainichi SuperMonster line are other convincing reasons to believe in her potential.


Please enjoy her growing and fulfilling its potential in your pond

Contact Taro at sales@kodamakoi.com by 5/31 for a special offer.

Showa – koi #u0406n011


Sex: Female
Born in: 2021
Size: 13.39 inch

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Showa – koi #u0322t002


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Size: 20.08 inch
Variety: Showa

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