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Koi Of The Week : Beni Ginga 






Quiet breathtaking beauty: Beni Ginga


I found this outstanding rare piece of art in Niigata last month. 

This variety is called Beni Ginga. Few breeders breed the variety.

I do not know anyone but Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm who regularly breeds this kind. 

Beni Ginga is basically metallic Matsukawabake with a Hi (red) pattern.  Because the base is Matsukawabake, the black is the base color.

In addition, it is a metallic Koi. So the strength of the shine is very important. It is obvious the dark black color is thick on her.

The tip of fins, its mouth and its shoulder prove high quality shine of this Koi.

On top of that, a very unique three step pattern is laid out in great balance on the body.

The first Hi is especially unique. The unique design on its head is connected to the left shoulder. It may look unbalanced.

But it rather shows a beautiful contrast of the orange and silver on its back.

Dark color of its scale stands out very differently on each side and creates such unignorable beauty.

Here is a unique and show quality Beni Ginga from Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm.

 If you do not have one yet, you should get her.

KOI Pond in Niigata

Beni Ginga – koi #u1027n020


Sex: Female
Born in: 2020
Size: 20.87 inch

1 in stock

Here are more High Quality Ozumi Ikarashi Koi

Beni Ginga – koi #u1027n013


Sex: Female
Born in: 2021
Size: 14.17 inch
Variety: Beni Ginga

Beni Ginga – koi #u1027n014


Sex: Unknown
Born in: 2021
Size: 14.17 inch
Variety: Beni Ginga

Ginrin Beni Ginga – koi #u1027n012


Sex: Unknown
Born in: 2021
Size: 12.99 inch
Variety: Ginrin Beni Ginga, Hikarimono, Beni Ginga

Ginrin Beni Ginga – koi #u1027n010 


Sex: Unknown
Born in: 2021
Size: 15.75 inch
Variety: Ginrin Beni Ginga, Hikarimono, Beni Ginga

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