Taisho Sanke

Taisho Sanshoku, also called Taisho Sanke and Sanke, were developed from Kohaku about 80 years ago in 1918 in the era of Taisho. One day, while breeding Kohaku, a koi suddenly appeared with scattered and dirty Sumi over its body.

How to Judge Taisho Sanke

Some breeders made efforts to get the scattered Sumi together. Historically, Taisho Sanke was developed by combining scattered, small Sumi into larger Sumi areas that balanced the Hi pattern.

The Taisho Sanshoku pattern consists of three colors: white, red (Hi) and black (Sumi). In this variety, the location and the size of the Sumi is particularly important. Sumi on the shoulder, which we call Kata Zumi, is an absolute necessity for Taisho Sanke. The overall balance of the Sumi is critical.

You can tell the difference between Sanke and Showa because Sanke ususally do not have black markings on their heads.

How To Know If It Is Taisho Sanshoku

The Sanshoku varieties will have 3 different colors: white, red, and black. 

There are two varieties “Showa Sanshoku” and “Taisho Sanshoku”.  The name “Sanshoku” signifies 3 colors in Japanese, both Sanshoku will be tri-colored Koi. They needed to be distinguished because these 2 varieties have different patterns and backgrounds.

Generally, Sanke do not have black on their heads.

Taisho Sanshoku was originally created by Eizaburo Hoshino in Yamakoshi village, Niigata in 1919

Showa Sanshoku fry have black color on their bodies while the Taisho Sanshoku fry are born with pinkish colored bodies. If you mate two Showa, you will get almost 70% of pink fry and only 30% of black fry. This is the hardest part of Showa breeders is when they have to sort out 400,000 koi fish, this requires so much patience and in-depth concentration.

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